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Some Changes Ready for 2019

Well, on the eve of the cancelled voting in the UK Parliament to approve a Brexit fiasco… it has been the most insulting time for us ex-pats. Having been excluded from voting in the Brexit vote a few years ago, which is a bit odd mainly because it affects those who are still British living abroad more than most… we have been branded "citizens of nowhere" despite being patriotic enough to commission hundreds of thousands of Euro's worth of developments with UK companies. Well, I suppose we no longer need to do that and those who fought at great human cost two world wars for what is now "nowhere" can rejoice in that achievement.

Still, UK politics is a strange beast and unlike anywhere else it seems. One can tell that from the way Mrs. May attempts to move in what has been branded "dancing". It definitely makes a case for electing only those whose rhythmic abilities are at least above a certain minimum standard.

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